Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings rise chiming with church bells & sunshine,
Ringing out angelic exultation in consecrated chorus.
Like the sun rising, spreading light and warmth over nature’s bodies,
Morning spreads mystical magic over celestial shapes.

Humans are houses that He built where His divine souls reside,
To vibrantly venerate la vie belle on Sunday daysprings.
Union of souls & emotions is the essence of Sabbath’s aurora.
Transcendent blessing bestowed like dawn’s iridescence on petals.

Daybreak upon Dominga delivers illumination and consummation,
Glorious gift that gives rise to realize how gratifying life can be.
Worthy of worship is the intimate affinity that exists between beings,
Divinely designed web of spirits linked by gossamer strands that span distance,
Time & space to conjoin in a total surrender of senses & arrest of attention.

Morningtide delivers delightful dreams that blossom into awakenings,
Ringing out sacred truths like a carillon reverberating from cloud tipped towers;
Mesmerizing messages spin in a transfixed feast of ambrosial fulfillment,
Culminate in rapturous salvation from self-imposed solitude;
Released like reckless floods, bodies rife with life, teeming with awe,

Sunday mornings bring the blessing of breakfast in bed;
Blissful indulgences that induce gratitude with pulchritude;
Savoring the sweetest dolce vita in celestial symbiosis;
Cuddle in the cold, crisp air, pealing with immaculate laughter;
Lingering as long as we can in the leaking morning light,
With gaze ablaze, lit from within by sacred spirit,
Spent in sincerely adoring sanctity of Sunday morning.

-Selene Babaar

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