Lovely Revelations

This is my 1st poetry collection, entitled, Lovely Revelations. I wrote these pieces over the course of roughly a year and am currently working on its follow-up volume. They are poems that my main character has written to her lover in my novel as their relationship develops and she finds her voice as a writer. He is her muse and the poetry is the result of her struggle to articulate what he makes her feel.

This collection does not prescribe to a specific or consistent style or organization of poetry. I let each piece guide itself and manifest into what it became. I enjoy playing with different styles and techniques. Metaphors and alliteration are the two that I tend to gravitate towards and I depend upon a great deal of sensory

Watered Down
What You Do To Me
Do You Mind?
His Kiss
The Moon Fell Over the Sun
Cloud Music
You Release Me
Your Mouth
Just Say Yes
After Glow
How Far I Have Come


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