Transcendent Awakenings

Welcome to my 2nd poetry collection, entitled, Transcendent Awakenings, a follow-up to my 1st collection of poems written by my developing novel’s main character. Her relationship deepens and grows and her own voice as a writer becomes more assured & expressive. This series developed over the course of two years and represents the rays of light that I was blessed with during a dark & difficult emotional journey. These pieces are reflective of the positive pieces of life that lift & carry a soul over life’s rough terrain.

My poetry rarely prescribes to a specific or consistent style or organization. Each piece grows organically and manifests into what it is meant to be. I experiment with different styles & devices. Metaphors and alliteration are two that I really enjoy playing with and I incorporate a great deal of sensory details & a whimsical weaving of words. I hope you enjoy.

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My Temple


My Paradise

Play Me

Elemental Force


Sun Gazing

Sunday Mornings

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