Sun Gazing

You blind me with your brilliance and eclipse any before you.
Your gaze holds me in its rays so hypnotically drawing me in desire.
There is a fire in your eyes that I want to be consumed by,
Searing inhibitions away like a morning fog revealing my own hidden rapture.
You shine a light in my life that brightens every surface.
You fill my heart with a warmth that heats every sense.
You radiate my soul with the knowledge of love.

Your stare is a gleaming ray that melts my defenses.
My shield and armor evaporate and evanesce in your brilliance.
Beads of apprehension disintegrate like steam in your scorching presence.
Deepest desires & secrets laid bare to your bright eyes,
In them I swim and get lost in your luminosity.
Inhibitions and clothing vanish like shadows in light.
You bring illumination to ideas and fruition to fantasies.

-Selene Babaar

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