Unplugged & Unbothered

The best part of vacation is relaxation. An incidental effect was unplugging from the internet. It wasn’t necessarily intentional. It kind of just happened. I was so busy getting ready for the holidays and getting extra time in the gym to balance out all the food indulgences that I didn’t have time to scroll. Kind of hard to plug in when you’re wrist deep in cookie dough.
The unplugging was necessary. Taking a mental break from the barrage of bad news is vital to survival. Life is an endurance race, not a sprint. We need to take care of ourselves and live our lives in the moment, and not experience life solely through a phone. Sometimes you have to unplug to reconnect.
I missed my hobbies. I missed baking, crafting & writing. I need to do better and not disconnect from myself when life is grinding me down. I can’t let it dull me to a blunted version of myself.
I feel sharp & refocused after my restful reflection. I have to keep my mindful & positive attitude honed. It’s my best defense against any toxicity that I encounter. Going into 2020 with light & positivity.

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