I have fallen in love with you so many times, it feels like endless somersaults.
Over and around I go, sky upside down and right side up again,
Feeling flush and dizzy from the head rush of a love so lush.
Falling in love with you is like rolling down a bottomless hill,
Spirals of joy filling the sky like curls of clouds in the blue.
Breath catching from so much laughter; cheeks sore from so much smiling.

Falling in love with you over and over is like somersaults in the sky;
Floating and thumping off clouds like gravity took the day off.
My heart bounces buoyantly in my chest like an apple bobbing blissfully in a barrel of love.
Glistening with glee, life spins seamlessly round in jubilant spirits,
That bubble with effervescence like waterfalls of celestial champagne,
Into a pool of euphoric froth that we lather ourselves in.

My soul falls in love with you like a shooting star somersaulting through space
Beaming with light & bedazzling with joy, backflipping off planets.
You coach my cartwheels into other galaxies of belief & heights of discovery;
Make my mind freewheel into unchartered orbits, soaring on heaven’s horizon,
Surging to monumental weightlessness that creates such moments of weight to appreciate.
As my spirit flits & heart flutters like a hovering hummingbird, my body bends backwards for your love.

-Selene Babaar

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