My Temple

Where my heart, body & soul worship is my temple.

This house of cherished veneration is instrumental.


Before beautiful carved marble columns, I kneel.

An altar of vitality that holds deep spiritual appeal.


My temple is a brilliant design of divine conception,

Sacred strength & mystical wisdom from its inception.


In my sanctuary, beats the lion heart of my adoration.

My place to glorify my love and its heavenly creation.


Shrine that holds the soul source of my devotion;

An angelic catalyst of hallowed hidden emotion.


In this tabernacle resides the treasured spirit that I sanctify,

Filled with power and beauty that never cease to mystify.


Fills me with a peaceful awe & humbling reverence,

In echo to gifts of generosity, tenderness & benevolence.


I tremble before my temple, humble and thankful,

Flood me in a pool of peaceful, a lagoon of tranquil.


Inspires quiet exaltation that fills my heart with song;

Soul that sings a hymn to me of where I truly belong


Instills me with fire & entrances me with every sensation,

While my devoted heart genuflects with genuine elation.


Passionate prayer breathed in whispers between fevered gasps,

Plunged in a pyretic trance with hammering heart & frenzied grasps.


Heavenly glimpses that satiate my soul I laud with ardor expressing;

Fervid homage to you, I devoutly pay in gratitude for every blessing.


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