Chill beats float on smoke spilled from puckered lips.
Laughter pours from hearts faster than vodka from the bottle.
Jokes crack truths, stories tell themselves and two people roll tighter together.
Time pauses while memory records the burning present & leaves the past in the ashtray.
Spicy aromas, sweet flavors, hot textures, appetizing sights & songs from an urban siren.
Impromptu dancing in the kitchen & heated gazes causing rising haziness.
Rocking on contented clouds; soaking in the sanguine atmospheric conditions.
Wafting notes, discourse, libations & kisses all in flawless measure.
Fire lights a path for our solitary craft to a sea of tranquility.
Sailing on a song, we sway, stare, smolder; feeling eyes when they fall upon.
Glowing cherry gives way to blowing berry red lips wisps of smoky lyrics whispering promises.
Inhale each other in and exhale euphoria; vivid vapors potent with desires elevate the air.
Companions curl into lovers like smoke rings mingle with the ether.

-Selene Babaar

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