Amorous kisses send me into an ecstasy that feels like flying in a dream.
Kisses that roar, make my desire soar & enthrall my body to your regime.
Sweet doce that float me on clouds of contentment & euphoric enchantment.
Lush lips that illuminate my soul & enliven my life to my heart’s enlightenment.

My fingertips plead for your satin softness stretched over a stony landscape,
Lush limbs with languid angles eager to be licked by my tongue longing to drape,
Your tempting skin with tantalizing touches tinged with something Intangible & magical.
So Classical, it’s almost mythological; bodies that compatible so natural it’s botanical.

Every stroke soaks me in pleasure, drenches me in desire & makes your body my yoke.
You plunge into me deep and steep your thirst in well of rapture that only you evoke.
Drown me divinely in your body’s dream-come-true devotion to mine; with each motion
You bathe me in a euphoric potion and I beckon you to swim in my heavenly ocean

You conjure a thirst only you can quench and awaken a hunger only you can sate.
I am left in longing, lying in wait while we are away & words wander to create,
A song that I feel with my body’s physical senses, a dance spinning my mind’s conscious,
A melody & harmony weave a poetic composition my soul’s essence finds flawless.

-Selene Babaar

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