Dopeness is “Dear White People” Vol. 2

*No worries. No spoilers. Only general discussion of themes here. Read without worry.

        I enjoyed season 2 so much I relished it a 2nd time around. While some questions are answered in this next volume, more are introduced. Issues become deeper and more complex as the exposition of our characters is revealed in mesmerizing coexisting narratives that are seamlessly woven. Season two’s development does not disappoint with its enriching perspectives and ceaseless sarcastic humor.

        Decisions comes in multitudes in college and there is no shortage for our students at Winchester. Troy is trying to figure out who he is and where his place is in the world but I don’t know if drinking, drugs and promiscuous sex is really going to help him figure that out, or will it actually? Sam goes to battle with an unknown internet troll that is reflective of much of what is hurled on social media by the right wing nut jobs. It’s an insightful window into the personal cost to POC that engage with racists online. The decision to engage and how far is an individual one. Lionel is hungry for more explosive stories even after just dropping the MOAB at the end of last season about the college’s founders and is onto something historic that has the power to change the present, while his romantic interests takes a surprisingly pleasant turn. Coco is faced with a crossroads in the midst of her leadership star rising, while also demonstrating that she can be as diplomatic as an ambassador speaking to a foreign nation, which talking to some white people can be like. Coco’s ambition is impressive and she fuels it with the fear of falling into the same trap that her mother did. This fear influences her future in permanent ways. Joelle‘s star is seriously shining this season contributing to its rich development. She’s possibly one of the most vibrant and talented characters in the show highlighting how dark skin “Kellys” are all too often ignored or overlooked despite their numerous talents and stunning beauty. Joelle is no exception with her dope afrocentric style & intellectual sass. She’ll read you like a bio text and eviscerate your existence like a cadaver in lab. I’m rooting for you girl! Reggie is still reeling, though in total denial about the traumatic event that he was confronted with at the close of last season but finds comfort and camaraderie with an unlikely source. Can we talk about how he wears the most amazing sweaters? Kelsey’s character is further developed much to my delight because she is such a peach and a supportive friend. There is so much more to this Trini cutie that we have yet to see.

        Volume Two continues expanding the awareness of intersectionality within the Black race among the characters. The brilliant narration deserves recognition and praise because the show would not be complete without its narrator,Giancarlo Esposito, who also makes a surprising visual cameo at the very end of the season. He leaves us languishing in wonder at deepening intricate mystery on campus that is deliciously rich and leaves one wanting more like like that pint of ice cream you didn’t mean to polish off, but there you are scraping the bottom of the carton and there’s no more in the freezer. The dopeness of the soundtrack is that extra pint hidden in the back of the freezer under the bag of broccoli. It is the perfect complimentary companion to the 2nd volume of ‘Dear White People.’ So many songs for my playlist. Certainly better be a 3rd volume!!!

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