Mind Rising

Rosy Gold Aurora

We all too often hang onto conversations, toxic interactions & futile worries. This detritus takes up too much real estate on the front lawns of our minds. It’s essential to take out the trash before it starts to stink up your mood and derail your vision. If you wouldn’t let the garbage pile up in your kitchen then you shouldn’t let it pile up in your mind. Keep it clear & clean for a healthy inner self.

What we should hang on to & focus our energies & attention to is our dreams. If you don’t breathe belief and action into them, no one will. You have it in you. All you have to do is believe in yourself. Spend a minute each day, affirming your worth and self love. You deserve happiness, purpose & fulfillment of your dreams. You deserve success. You deserve to see your goals come to fruition. Go confidently into your day in your ability to see them through.

Visualize yourself coming into your own light of positivity & strength; growing stronger like the sun beaming over the horizon. Let your mind & spirit rise with it to a transcendent place of peace & faith. Bask in the warmth of this sunrise and let the waves wash away any doubt you have in yourself.


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