In Love with Judge Luvvie

Not so much a self help but a, “you need to help yourself” guide to bettering one’s conscious and subconscious self. “I’m Judging You,” serves social summations with the sharpness of a swinging gavel. Luvvie makes us laugh at ourselves…and some other people in raucous hilarity with a healthy helping of epic metaphors and similes that will keep you rolling. Use caution while reading and drinking liquids! This book will also have you making so many sound effects in addition to laughter: the snicker, snort, pfft, bahaha, mm hmm are just to name a few.

As a white woman, I especially appreciated Luvvie’s commentary on white privilege and using it to do something good, positive and antithetical to that power structure’s essential mission: to oppress, violate & continue to murder Black people with impunity. As white people, we have to do a better and more active job of dismantling this white supremacist system. It’s the only good thing we can do with white privilege; helping to end it.

Advice ranges from the professional to the personal. As a writer, Luvvie’s tips on patient persistence, balance between humility and confidence, and not oversharing are valuable reminders from such a respected creator. Her advice on friendships changed my perspective on them. I re-evaluated loyalties I had to toxic friends and re-classified or dropped them. So many Lannisters & SOS’s. Ajayi’s discussions span a variety of topics that people really need to engage in conversations about.

All joking aside, compassion, empathy and sensitivity are doled out in equal measures. Luvvie teaches us to care about others as well as laugh at ourselves. She gives you a stern talking to because you need it. We all do. If you didn’t already agree with everything she was saying, then you’d admit you do some of the things she is discussing and you could heed some of her advice. Everything Luvvie promotes is in the best interest of the individual mind, body & soul. Hate rots from the inside and is usually rooted in some unhappiness or unfulfillment in the hater’s own soul. Hating them back only plants rot in your own soul. If we are to be better people, that is one emotion we must leave behind.

I highly recommend reading “I’m Judging You.” It is whimsical, witty & wise. It’s enjoyable & entertaining reading while being deeply enlightening on so many relevant topics. Luvvie’s humorous and light-hearted tone make you breeze through the chapters like conversations over tea.

-Selene Babaar

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