Play Me

Every pluck and purr makes my body throb & thrum.
Every stroke and whisper makes my body yours to strum.
Your body beats & reverberates like a thundering drum;
Thumping a captivating cadence for my body to undulate and hum.

Make music of me, my muse & play me til your heart’s content.
Pull your bow across my strings, commence our harmonic ascent.
No matter your melody, my body sings to your sweet torment.
King with wings that sings without relent until strings are spent.

Tickle my pink like purfeckt ivory chords played with perfect ebony keys,
Tapping a tantalizing tempo that has me entranced with virtuoso expertise.
Blow those wild winds gently that tease & play medleys that please;
Fevered pitch swells to climactic crescendos that crash into dulcet seas.

Your deepest bass inspires soaring soprano singing your name.
Arrangement in high ardor with an ecstatic range to proclaim.
You conduct a symphony of senses that set sensual emotion aflame;
In fantasia fashion, unbridled imagination; free flowing feeling untamed.

-Selene Babaar

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