Truth is bitchier than fiction

Have you ever taken your emotion out on a fictional character?

So my friend pissed me off once by insulting me. She knew what she was doing. She’s petty like that. I put the bitch in my book. I was struggling to flesh out a secondary conflict for my main character and voila, my girl goes and sets me off. I wanted to channel the anger in a healthy way so I used it to create my character. Now I didn’t roast my friend or use my fiction to play out a beat down fantasy on my foolish friend. I used her self-righteous, pompous values and petty, ignorant attitude and slightly amplified it. I played out our argument in similar fashion but with a different context for my characters’ dialogue. It gave me the opportunity to review what had transpired and choose my words carefully without the fog of temper blurring my vision. I also made my character much more reasonable of a person that my friend is so I was able to obtain some measure of validation in my scene. Is that wrong?  

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