Just Say Yes

No drug compares to you.

I am,
Intoxicated by your desire for me;
Drunk off my desire for you;
High off the sensations of your touch;
Addicted to your kisses;
Doped up on your arousal;
Dead yours on arrival;
Moqued off your sexiness;
Feening for that endlessly sweet sugar;
Greedy for another hit of you.

You shoot me up with your sex,
And I float away on your euphoric high.
Your junk makes me your slave and I can’t get enough.
Not even rehab could make me shake you.
Drown me in the bottom of your bottle.
You’re that hot dose I’d risk everything to consume.
You are Fate’s smack that I’m destined to OD on.
My addiction to a divine prescription.
After the 1st taste was the point of no return.
I was owned by the sweet fog I inhaled.
Made a fiend for that smooth & supple ride you provide.
A freak for my favorite habit, you shatter my desire for anything else.
All I can taste is you on my tongue, when this hot tingling thirst takes over.

-Selene Babaar

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