Your Mouth

Your magical mouth is my sweetest undoing.
Its powerful sway persuades my subduing.
Masterful mouth that provokes my intense reaction,
With hypnotic song that sings a melody of my attraction.
Lusciously sweet and succulent lips that sublimely hum,
Wise words that make me wonder where you came from,
Lovely lyrical illuminations that linger in my memory,
And endlessly supply me with extrasensory reverie;
Sexy pleasantries that stealthily steal my breath,
Salacious praise that blushes my cheeks & fills my chest.
Lips that elicit such sensational sensual bliss,
From every surface of my skin that they kiss.
A tongue that teases and tantalizes me into a trance,
Where I am transfixed by your delightful, delicate dance.
Bold and brazen tongue that flaunts by slowly licking those lovely lips,
A sight so lustrous with wetness and sexiness, my focus is eclipsed.
What a weapon of mass seduction with wicked witticisms that are wielded with such wile!
My ardent addiction to your artfulness was instant and resistance was absent and futile.
Rapturous, reverberating kisses that arrest my senses and spellbind me into submission.
I am dazzled and dizzy with arousal by your amazing mesmerizing essence of a magician

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