You Release Me

You release me from the confines of my mind’s keep like wings given air to fly;
Like a living masterpiece freed from its marble captivity, given breath to sigh.
Sculpted curves of the artist’s hands, and forged in the furnace of his passion.
Imagination and inspiration release creativity and art in a natural fashion.

Unbound from doubt that flouts its power over me but now bows before you,
Unshackled by past pain, you have shattered chains, melted metal and broken through.
Unfettered by fears that muffle and stifle the self and what I feverishly feel.
Free from all that prohibits my purest self; leaving nothing but what is real.

Emancipate me from the manacles of mistakes past and men that never mattered
Relieving me of the burden of blame and shame, leaving that baggage behind tattered
Rescue me from my own restraint and repression that have oppressively reigned
Absolve me of all that ails, and insecurities ingrained from the self I feigned.

You release me like the unbridled spirit of a wild horse chasing the horizon sun
Like sight given light to see, the imprisonment of my ignorance is undone
I never knew breath until you were my oxygen laced with passion I inhale,
Releasing a sleeping soul awakened by this rush and your name is my exhale.

-Selene Babaar

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