Cloud Music

My angel plays his tunes for me and I find my feet floating off the ground.
His voice pours over me like honeyed harmony with its delicious hypnotic sound.
His words, his stare, his touch, his presence play an exquisite symphony for my senses.
This familiar incarnation with his euphonious aura calms and disarms all my defenses

A divine ballad crafted to captivate my soul; Fate its composer; Passion its goal.

He dances with me on clouds and gives me glimpses into Elysium.
His music sings a song that I surrender and succumb my heart as his kingdom.
The melody my muse weaves for me speaks to my spirit in transcendence.
When our bodies dance, passion’s rhythm leads us to heavenly ascendance.
The sidereal score is plucked on strings that sing uncertainty away.
My angelic lover possesses me in a body, mind and soul ballet.

I leap with joy, turn with delight, sway with desire
My body, his instrument to which his music sets afire.
His fingers pluck a cataclysmic concerto on body strung taut
This maestro’s music; in a seductive trance he has me caught
My limbs move enthralled to his celestial rhapsody;
Our duet conveys a golden chemistry that rivals alchemy.

Love pours out of me like an epic aria inspired by God
A beautiful eternal love for which I will forever be awed
My heart has been captured by this lion soul of an artist,
That paints my dreams alive with his magic and stardust

Rocking me with rapturous rhythm and booming beat that makes me throb and thrum.
His lullaby leaves me languid in love, envisioning dreams where vivid verses come.

-Selene Babaar

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