An hourglass has less grains of sand than my mind has daydreams of you.
I draw my lids closed and drown myself in the pool of your eyes,
My mind bends to you like a blossom flowering in the sun.
No matter the task, sensual visions stealthily steal into my thoughts.
I bathe myself in memories of you, slightly less scalding than the original experience.
Tendrils of heat snake their way from my mind and memory through my body
Erotic flashing fantasies and ravishing recollections play behind my eyes.
Your hands dart in and out of my mind running up my thighs,
Coming to rest in the crease of my hips as I straddle you.
Sail away to paradise on thoughts of your body’s seduction of mine.
Steely lion strength that provokes my purring and procures possession of me
The perfect symbiosis of soft and strong is your touch that is most significant to my skin.
My conscious is captivated by countless sensations for which you are the catalyst.
Daydreams are like a drug induced trance where I dance endlessly with you.

I swim in the images memorized by my mind,
Your hand at the small of my back, mine on your chest.
Your lips massaging mine, my tongue teasing yours.
Your lips on my neck, my whispers in your ear.
Your arms encircle my waist, my chest presses against yours.
Your fingers massage my swells, my lips caress your throat.
Your tongue between my lips, my orgasm brought between your lips.
Your teeth nipping delicate flesh, my tongue flicking over slick skin.
Your weakness whispered between my lips, my name whispered between yours
Your hips between my thighs, my arms around your neck.
You, my love, inside of me, is how I know of heaven.

Astral travel to celestial destinations is where you lead my daydreams.
The smile that lingers on my face simply because I think of you.
I’m lost & found in your eyes, captivated by the way they see into me.
Frightening, exhilarating. I see myself the way you look at me,
And I see more than any mirror image has ever manifested.
Beauty you bestow upon me makes me glow with a fire never known.
You are my daydream, my night’s reverie, my imagination’s greatest belief,
My soul’s deepest hope, my heart’s wildest wish & my body’s every fantasy.

-Selene Babaar

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