The Moon Fell Over the Sun

Come swim in my sparkling night sky; Dip yourself in my opal light.
Ride my tide of celestial tranquility as I bathe you in my lambent depths
Whisper to my stars your desires and I will grant you a sky of wishes with my lips and fingertips;
Set your skin aglow in a shower of moonlight kisses that leave supernal sensations.
Come behind my gossamer shroud and let me unveil my sensual secrets.
Slumber in my stellar embrace and permit me to pluck a dream from your pillow;
I will weave it into a waking wonderful truth and breathe ethereal reality into your wildest fantasy;
Let me take you to lofty lunar heights and make your heart race like a comet chase;
Suspend you from stars to swing from sensuous summits to transcendent peaks;
Propel you to planets to play hide & seek with me even though you see every piece of me.
I cannot hide that which I desire to confide; I cannot conceal what I wish to reveal;
I cannot disguise from your bright eyes the light you have ignited in me.
Your energy elicits a force that fuses with mine and forges constellations of stars,
Like a nebulae whose nocturnal frolics write fated fairy tale narratives in interstellar space.
My Moth, my nighttime butterfly, come dive into my midsummer nights’ moonflower,
My petals effloresce in the luminescence of the sun’s silver mirror and,
They tremble against fluttering flickers of a hummingbird tongue that send me floating.
You brighten my night to Elysian heights and bring blessings that eclipse any darkness in my life.
Astral aspirations are always achieved with your angelic soul; I reflect your light, that’s why I glow.
I await your waking and waning each dusk and dawn; your rising and setting are a blessing each day.
My shadow chaser, cloud banisher, fire igniter, you make darkness disappear in your dominion;
Casting your light like a charismatic charm in every crevasse of my character’s cave;
When my Sun rises, tears dry like dew in the morning light; fogs of doubt dissipate away;
Fear melts like Spring’s breath on winter’s remains; warmth glides over my tides and my panic subsides.
Your Apollonian aura leaves me awestruck in your power & passionate prowess over me,
Inducing illuminating illusions and ideas in my imagination & inspiring idyllic visions.
Brilliant, bold, brightest star; still sensed even when not seen.
You, my sultry Sun have burned your beauty onto my heart, branded me with your sidereal being.
Soaking my skin in your dazzling light and ardent heat, searing the sensation of you into my psyche.
You sway me like a summer breeze, blowing gently and softly, lulling me into a state of bliss.
Hypnotic and erotic kisses and caresses, sweep me out into your sea, eliciting my elation.
I love to ride your rhythm and revel in the brilliance of your incandescent existence.
Spirit ablaze behind that brazen gaze that has the molten glow of a lion stare,
Whose bright rays amaze and enthrall; enslaving me with a single seduction.
An angelic star you are, tempting a goddess from her grotto and awakening her ardor.
Your fiery intensity leaves me feverish & sweltering in scintillating mirages in my mind.
Like a lily in the light my petals bow for you, sworn vassal to the sun’s scintillating kiss.
Your magic makes me your moonflower and morning glory; sunflower and turnsole;
A blossom I have become that apricates in the radiance of my beautiful Sun.

-Selene Babaar

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