What You Do to Me

You stun me into a seldom silence,
simply because I am sitting in awe of you.

So especially sweet & sagacious; sensuous & sexy; luscious sauciness.
Lips that utter sentences that are sung by a silver-tongued smith of prose that spellbinds souls.

A blessing whose presence confirms God’s existence.
To coalesce with such exquisiteness is imagination’s fruition.

Intangible transcendence with searing, scintillating sensations,
that arrest my psyche, enrapture my soul and inspire passion, peaceful & pure.

Submerge me in your delightful lasciviousness;
Play with me in your prurient ponderings.

You make me wild with your libidinous wit and whimsical style
You fill me with warmth & wonder while waking wishes within me that went away once upon a time.

-Selene Babaar

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