The wondrous, watered-down, diluted, diminishing, dissolving, disappearing me.
Disillusioned by my devotion to delusional self-devotees.
Watered-down wet fantasies, tempered tantric thoughts, suppressed sexual desire.
Stunted, stifled, so not me; stuck in stagnancy, suffocating, drowning in sadness.
Watered-down, water-logged; sick of stifling sensuous self, sleeping in the Lethe…

Awaken me Primal Passion and pure, sensuous, sexual perfection;
So deeply penetrating, so succulently sucking, body shaking caresses;
Skin searing touches light fires then quenched by your tongue.
Scream, buck, writhe, moan; Existence is essentially us and nothing else.

Your body sings a song to mine sweeter than any sugar I’ve ever savored.
Wet fantasies are wet realities when walls are breached and dams are released
A rush of passions that steal breath and a sea of ecstasy that has me swept.
I cannot drown if I drink the ocean

Drunk with desire; no morning after hangover; only morning afterglow.
The embers of eloquent ecstasy linger on my skin, my lips, my mind.
He is the spark that ignites the fire and the oxygen it breathes.
Our essences evaporate the excess and leave nothing but our essential selves.

-Selene Babaar

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