Beneath Waves Springs Perseverance

Life is an ocean that smashes into us with a series of waves.
Some are smaller and weaker than others,
while some leave us drowning and gasping for breath.
It is our perseverance that keeps us swimming and struggling to reach for the shore.
Happiness is a goal to be sought after;
Sadness is never avoided.
Success must be attained;
Failure needs to be learned from.
Pleasure can be stumbled upon;
Pain must be dealt with.
Joy is a blessed surprise;
Grief must be overcome.
Problems need solutions;
Answers come from contemplation.
Everything costs money,
But the best things are free.
Children never stop needing,
And neither do you.
Responsibilities are always there,
whether acknowledged or not.
Peace must be fought for
But violence breeds tragedy.
All things can wash upon the shore of your life except for perseverance…….
that is something that can only come from the natural spring welling up inside yourself.
And it is the only guarantee that you will net the greatest desires in your own life.

-Selene Babaar

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